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Genre boundaries between Pop and Metal crumble against the unyielding rocks of the mainstream. Oceana, the luminary vocalist, effortlessly traverses from ethereal melodies to visceral roars, seamlessly entwined with the commanding resonance of guitars and synthesizers, as well as the intricate dance of basslines and drum rhythms. As the musical landscape unfolds, it morphs into pulsating dance sections infused with a pop sensibility.

Breaking free from the shackles of Rock norms and conventions, NeuroTidal propels its audience into an exhilarating sonic odyssey of self-discovery. The band deftly weaves together diverse influences, embracing the nuances of Jazz, Post Rock's expansiveness, and Progressive Metal's complexity, culminating in an unmistakably unique sound.

A NeuroTidal live performance is a sensory spectacle, where a distinct ambiance is meticulously crafted. A seamlessly coordinated light show, complemented by blacklight elements, adds a profound layer to the audiovisual tapestry, elevating the concert experience to unparalleled immersion and distinction.
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Eupen, Belgium

Eupen Musikmarathon

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